Crowd-funding album #3

I’m wildly excited to say that my third album ‘Lost in January’ is finally coming 6.22.23 <3 I successfully busted my bum to self-fund the recording/production costs last year, but it’s been a tremendous undertaking to bring nearly-finished tracks to physical fruition. CD and vinyl production, marketing, promotion etc are exhaustively expensive, and unlike the slow process of recording, follow each other in a quick succession of upfront payments.

So as I stand on the precipice of a mountain of costs, I’m offering a few special ways to support (in addition to coming to a launch show, donating, merch, or listening wherever you do):

If you are inclined to help by any means, in any amount I would be endlessly grateful. All contributors who would like a physical album after its release, please email me for a 20% off link to show my appreciation.
You all are everything: thank you for listening, sharing and supporting in any way you can <3


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