Want to learn to play the harp? I teach lessons both online (via skype) and at my studio on the coast to all ages, specializing in Scottish, Irish and other traditional music. I teach by ear and have found this intuitive, time honored method to be superior for retention and speed of learning. It is also excellent for those who are unfamiliar or intimidated by reading music. I believe music to be best learned like language; learn to speak (play) first, and to read and write later.

Lessons are taught at either 30 or 45 minutes, with the amount of time dependent upon the individual (retention consistently proves better in shorter learning segments so I no longer teach hour long lessons). Most younger children (under 10) are best with shorter lessons and most adults go longer but there are exceptions in both cases.

The harp is a wonderfully simple, beautiful and rewarding instrument to play that has many therapeutic benefits, both from the sound and vibration of the soundbox against the body. I rent several harps out as practice instruments, so don’t worry if you don’t have one!

Pricing: $60 for half hour lesson or $85 for 45 minutes. Email me at: ellaharp@yahoo.com