DSC08945Noise Pop 2020 (Photo by Andrew Robles)


Slowly making my way back to playing live shows, dates will be updated as they are booked.
To host a house concert and have the music come to you, click here <3

September 17:  Old Princeton Landing (ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW) Half Moon Bay, 7pm

September 25:  The Hotel Cafe, (ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW) Los Angeles, 7pm

October 3:  Mississippi Pizza, (ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW) Portland 7pm

(Photos by Mark Verlander)


*Performances of note

January 14: Honey Hive Gallery SF 6:30pm

February 6: Sofar Sounds, San Francisco

February 8: Amnesia, San Francisco 6-8pm

February 16: Basecamp Cafe, Pine Mountain Club, 5:30-7:30pm

February 25: Noise Pop 2020 Festival, Cafe Du Nord, 7:30pm

February 27: Amnesia SF, 6-8pm

May 7: Music City North’s Soundtrack of the City- Online 3:40pm

October 11: Seattle Hempfest 2020 online, 6pm PST

November 22: House Concert, SF


*Performances of note

January 29: The Lost Church, San Francisco 8pm

March 5: Bread and Roses Presents, San Francisco

March 9: Old Princeton Landing, Half Moon Bay 8pm

March 16: Porter Square Books, Boston MA 8pm

March 18: Sofar Sounds, Boston MA

March 26: Kelley O’Neils, Honolulu Oahu, 5-8pm

March 28: Surfer The Bar, Oahu 9-9:30pm

March 29: Stormy’s Gastropub, Oahu, 10-10:20pm

April 12: Sofar Sounds, San Jose

April 28: Pacific Dream Machines, Half Moon Bay Airport

May 3: Sofar Sounds, San Francisco

May 4: Mountain View a la Carte & Art Festival, Mountain View

May 7: The Cameron House, Toronto, ON 10-10:45

May 9: The Southern Cross Lounge, Toronto, ON 5-7

May 15: The Lost Church, San Francisco 8pm

June 15: Bazzar Cafe, San Francisco 7pm

July 20 + 21: Summerfest, Menlo Park

August 31-Sep1: Milbrae Art and Wine Festival, Milbrae

September 7-8: Mountain View Art and Wine Festival, Mountain View

September 12: Amnesia, San Francisco 6:30-8

September 17: Bread and Roses Presents, San Francisco

September 28: FogFest, Pacifica

October 19-20: Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

November 10: Amnesia, San Francisco 7pm

November 27: Milk Bar, San Francisco 7pm

December 21: Old Princeton Landing, Half Moon Bay 8pm


*Performances of note

February 3: 337 Mirada ART, (album launch show) Half Moon Bay 8-9pm

February 10: San Gregorio General Store 11-1pm

February 10: Sand Studios, (album launch show) San Francisco 8-9pm

February 20: BFF fm, (radio performance), San Francisco

February 22: Inclusions Art Gallery, San Francisco 7-9pm

March 29: Anna Obrien’s, (opening for Celtica) Honolulu, Oahu 7:30-8:30

March 30: The Irish Rose, (opening for Celtica) Waikiki, Oahu 8-9

April 1: Hotel Utah, San Francisco, 10-11

April 6: El Rio, San Francisco, 7-8

April 20: Sofar Sounds SF, San Francisco 8:50-9:20

April 21: OPL’s 6th Annual Mini Coastal Reggae Fest, Half Moon Bay 5-5:20

April 21: Sofar Sounds SF, San Francisco 9:30-10

May 14: Boris Goldmund’s Monthly Salon, San Francisco

May 26: Knuckleheads, (opening for Keith Harkin) Kansas City, MO

June 2: KALW, San Francisco 3pm start (radio performance, 91.7fm in SF)

June 4: Music Monday’s Mission Pie, San Francisco 7-9

June 8:  San Gregorio General Store, San Gregorio 5-7

June 9:  San Francisco Free Folk Festival, San Francisco 8-8:45

July 20: Seattle SoFar Sounds, Seattle WA

July 24: SoFar Sounds PDX, Portland OR

July 25: Mississippi Pizza, Portland OR 5-6:30

July 27: Under the Fog Indie Showcase, Ghirardelli  Square, San Francisco

Aug 2: The Music Box, (opening for Mýa) San Diego 8:30-8:50

August 11: Ojai Art Exchange, Ojai 7:30-9:30

August 15: Sofar Sounds, Santa Barbara

August 16: Frog and Peach Pub, San Luis Obispo 7-8

August 18: Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival, Pescadero 11-11:30

August 25: Songwriter night, Cafe du Soleil, San Francisco

September 16: Fish and Fleet Festival, Half Moon Bay 2:30

September 27: Silver Cat Sound Labs video shoot, San Francisco

September 28: X Bar, Cupertino 8

September 29: Fog Fest, Pacifica 1-2:15

October 14: Pumpkin Festival, Half Moon Bay 4-5

October 20: Renee and Irish Greg’s Popop at Longboards, Pacifica 2:30

November 2: Art Show at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz 8-9

November 7: Sofar Sounds NYC, New York, NY

November 8: The Bitter End, New York, NY 7-7:45

November 10: Union Arts Center, Sparkill, NY 7-9

November 11: Winters Tavern Veteran’s Day Festical, Pacifica 3:30-4:15

November 25: FCC Free Radio, San Francisco 1-2

December 16: Coastside to Paradise Benefit, Half Moon Bay 2-2:30

December 27: Hotel Utah, San Francisco 8-8:45