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EllaHarp is an SF based singer songwriter on harp and banjo playing unique, self-designed/made instruments that fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. Her dynamic live performances entertain with humor and a knack for creative storytelling, while showcasing both instruments in signature style – blending folk + Americana with pop sensibilities, highlighting dark, thoughtful lyrics and memorable hooks.

Despite the pandemic, EllaHarp built a strong social media following (40K on IG, 20K on FB and over 1.5M streams since COVID) and her track ‘Time’ can be heard on Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’.

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‘Expertly-crafted work developed by an astute and heartened artist’ – Jonathan Frahm, For Folk’s Sake

SF based singer/songwriter EllaHarp is a curious sort of artist. After years honing her skills touring, recording, and releasing music on a unique harp she designed for the purpose, 2020 saw the addition of another self designed/built instrument that got swiftly put to work; a small, 5 string banjo which fits just inside said harp’s case, which in turn fits neatly in an airplane overhead. A bit like musical Russian dolls…

Singles from her new 2021 sophomore album like Shotgun Sadie (a modern murder ballad, and #1 NACC folk chart add – week of Feb 17th 2021) and Whiskey Garden (a cryptic take on societal norms) showcase both instruments in signature style, blending folk and Americana with pop sensibilities, highlighting dark, thoughtful lyrics and memorable hooks.

Following her independent, 2018 debut album, ‘Who Asked You Back’ (which played on 85+ radio stations nationally and abroad, reaching #4 and #2 on Roots Music Reporter Top 50 Folk and Top 50 Contemporary Folk Album charts), EllaHarp toured 7 states and a province with nearly 200 live performances, from Bay Area festivals to ‘The Bitter End’ in NYC,  opening for Grammy winning singer Mýa in San Diego and showcasing at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

Despite the pandemic’s blow to a promising start in 2020 (opening for Hollow Coves and Harrison Storm in SF’s Noise Pop Festival in Feb) EllaHarp shifted focus and built over 40K followers on Instagram, 20K on Facebook, and well over 1.5 million streams since COVID. She performed in Seattle Hempfest 2020 (online) and her track ‘Time’ can be heard on popular Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris’.


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Blues-tinged bass lines and drones depart from the celestial plucks and swirls typically associated with her ancient instrument…understated, intimate vocals are set off by the rhythmic snap and resonance of her harp strokesSan Francisco Chronicle

An artful pop genre that is almost its own entity entirelyWe All Want Someone to Shout For

‘Sweetly rhythmic with lilting vocals, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter EllaHarp’s “Screaming Into the Void” is both soothing and penetrating. The repeating harp arpeggiations carry the tune, while the lyrics express her intense frustration. The result is a lovely paradox‘ Parade

Such a different, really really cool, inspired bluesy rock artist with a harp. I mean, what is not to love’ Chasta, 107.7 The BONE (San Francisco, CA)

‘Celestial and elegant, attached to an angel’s hip, the harp is an instrument of the ether. Until Ella Dawn Jenkins brings it right back down to earthVentura County Reporter

As far as we can remember, there has never been an artist who has taken the harp and re-imagined it in such a refreshing and dynamic wayIndie Rock Cafe

EllaHarp delivers a unique album. Primarily harp and vocals of her own songs, there’s a real bluesy vibe here. Her sharp voice fits the timbre of the harp well. It’s different but definitely worth checking out.’ KAFM (Grand Junction, CO)

EllaHarp’s supple, seductive voice slithers its way through and around her exquisite mad harp skills to brew up some serious voodoo magic.’ Boston Survival Guide

Intriguing songwriter Ella Dawn Jenkins, aka EllaHarp– a concert harpist who sings and plays stark, rustic original fingerstyle blues and Gaelic-influenced songsNew York Music Daily

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Email: ellaharp@yahoo.com
Phone: 661-331-6944