In addition to music, I am an obsessed creative; designing/sewing/knitting everything I wear with the exception of boots and jeans. Here you can find an evolving page with pattern downloads and videos for visual learners.

Currently, I’m giving my favorite, everyday work dress pattern away for free because I am closely familiar with being creative by necessity on a shoestring budget. If you’d like to support more of my own creativity (monetarily or otherwise) it would mean the world if you’d check out my music, US made merch, give a listen to my ‘Folk for sewing/art/creativity’ Spotify playlist while you make or donate to help fund my upcoming album here <3

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram with questions, I try to respond to all comments and messages. Also be sure to tag me in your photos (@ellaharp) and use the hashtag #ellaharpworkdress so I can see what you create!

Free Pattern Download*

*IMPORTANT EDIT 6.26.22: My site is stalled off and on with downloads right now (there have been so many from recent youtube views that it keeps exceeding the daily number of emails the account can send and shuts it down for 24 hours at a time causing all kinds of problems). If it’s not working, please give it a day or so then try again. Apologies for the delay <3

Loose fitted, drop sleeve linen work dress with all the pockets <3

Modified Work dress videos

Creative Soundtrack