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‘While some artists wallow in emotion, EllaHarp wades through it confidently — upright, in motion, balanced, aware — not giving herself over to the danger of drowning but not afraid to step away from the shore and immerse. Her instrumental choices — harp and homemade banjo — create rhythms that pulse at the pace at which we live our lives. Her vocals rise above this solid bed but remain engaged with it in a tone that is both breathy and bell-like. Her evocative songs inspire you to remember and feel the emotional experiences of your own life, but as a present feeling rather than nostalgia. Listening, I can picture her beneath one of the California mountains she loves so well, moving through clear water, hands extended, hair hanging down but head upright, feeling it all and choosing to join.’ Dirk Powell

‘Sweeping melodies with captivating and emotive precision’ For Folk’s Sake

‘An artful pop genre that is almost its own entity entirely’ We All Want Someone to Shout For

‘Sweetly rhythmic with lilting vocals, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter EllaHarp’s “Screaming Into the Void” is both soothing and penetrating. The repeating harp arpeggiations carry the tune, while the lyrics express her intense frustration. The result is a lovely paradoxParade

‘Such a different, really really cool, inspired bluesy rock artist with a harp. I mean, what is not to love’ Chasta, 107.7 The BONE (San Francisco, CA)

‘Blues-tinged bass lines and drones depart from the celestial plucks and swirls typically associated with her ancient instrument…understated, intimate vocals are set off by the rhythmic snap and resonance of her harp strokes’ San Francisco Chronicle

‘Celestial and elegant, attached to an angel’s hip, the harp is an instrument of the ether. Until Ella Dawn Jenkins brings it right back down to earth’ Ventura County Reporter

‘As far as we can remember, there has never been an artist who has taken the harp and re-imagined it in such a refreshing and dynamic way’ Indie Rock Cafe

‘EllaHarp delivers a unique album. Primarily harp and vocals of her own songs, there’s a real bluesy vibe here. Her sharp voice fits the timbre of the harp well. It’s different but definitely worth checking out.’ KAFM (Grand Junction, CO)

‘EllaHarp’s supple, seductive voice slithers its way through and around her exquisite mad harp skills to brew up some serious voodoo magic.’ Boston Survival Guide

‘She’s a hometown mountain girl with a wry sense of humor and a talent for unexpectedly turning the stereotype of “sweet, dreamy harp music” into a driving, beat-rich and bass-heavy revolution of contemporary blues.’ Mountain Enterprise

‘All the elements of a modern gem’ Lefuturewave

‘Angelic vocals, hauntingly beautiful melodies and undulating, perfectly plucked harp’ Purple Melon

‘Intriguing songwriter Ella Dawn Jenkins, aka EllaHarp– a concert harpist who sings and plays stark, rustic original fingerstyle blues and Gaelic-influenced songs’ New York Music