RMR_2589-EditHouse concerts are the best. Almost always my favourite gigs to play, because you can’t beat listening audiences and cozy, informal settings. Have you ever hosted a concert in your house? Or been to a house concert? The format is pretty delightful.

The host invites those they’d like to attend (friends/family/people within the community) and provides the space (living rooms, garages, patios, yards) and places to sit (chairs, cushions, blankets, couches, hay bales).

Generally, attendance is somewhere between 20 and 60 people but sometimes more or less. Each person donates something to the artist (usually between $10 and $25) and enjoys an evening of music (generally, 40-45 minute set and a 30ish minute set with a break between).

The artist plays to attentive audiences who aren’t also trying to play pool or scream at someone at the bar. Joviality and camaraderie abound. Everyone has a lovely evening, and Bob’s your house concert.

If you should feel inclined to host a house concert like this or know someone who might, reach out! I’ve a few mini tours loosely planned this year, and could potentially make a trip other places as well. Email me at: ellaharp@yahoo.com

Currently planning…

Mid July: Northern California, Oregon and Washington

Early-mid August: Central/Southern California

Early-mid October: New York/ possibly other east coast states