June 2018

Happy June! Or if you live on the coast or elsewhere the dreaded cloud cover frequents this month, happy June Gloom.

Kansas City was amazing and I actually get why my sister moved there now, it’s really quite endearing. Also holy multiple cows, the BBQ is good.

The Knuckleheads gig opening for Keith Harkin was a blast of a sold out show, and I’m super stoked to be opening for him again tonight at Fiddler’s Green in San Francisco at 6:30. There are still a few tickets left and would love to see some of you there. He is mad good, hilariously funny and delightfully Irish. So you should probably go!

Click here for tickets to tonight’s show at Fiddler’s Green in SF

A few other exciting shows coming up, including headlining the San Francisco Free Folk Festival this coming Saturday, June 9 at Everett Middle School (was on KALW 91.7fm yesterday afternoon performing and promoting the festival) and having booked the first gig of my summer southern California tour at the Ojai Art Exchange, August 11. Also focused on booking a Portland/Seattle tour mid-late July and a New York (and possibly other east coast states) sometime this fall, looking like either early October or early November. 

If you or someone you know might want to host me for a house concert give a shout!

Off to screen print a new batch of lovely thrift store t shirt finds…


There are many great walls in Kansas City. Photos courtesy of my badass brother in law, Ry Fulcher who braved 106 degree heat to to drive around and indentify the coolest walls.

May 2018

Headed off to Kansas City this week on a mini tour; a house concert Friday, May 25 and opening for Keith Harkin Saturday the 26 at Knuckleheads Saloon. Looking very much forward to it! Also get to visit my sister who moved out there last year (from California. On purpose. Still trying to figure that out). Tickets for the 26th here

EllaHarp (6)

March 2018

February has gone by in a beautifully disorganized blur (there’s a metaphor for my life in that sentence somewhere…) with 8 shows promoting ‘Who Asked You Back’ between San Francisco and my home town of Frazier Park in SoCal. The cold, losing my voice for a few weeks and dumping rain in Half Moon Bay had me very much looking forward to taking some time away, and I’ve been on the North Shore of Oahu on a 2 week visit since this past Sunday.

I’ve put together a few places to play while I’m over; a house concert in Hawaii Kai, on the Makaha side at a taco joint the evening (7-8:30ish) of Sunday the 25th, and opening for the metal-meets-bagpipes band Celtica at two Irish pubs in Honolulu, from 7:30-8:30 Thursday the 29th and 8-9 Friday the 30th. 

EllaHarp (2)

I will return to the Bay just in time to play at Hotel Utah supporting Christina LaRocca on the 1st, and again in the city April 6th supporting my good friend Cassie Levy at her second album release show for her new album ‘Tides Rising‘. I’ve also been accepted to play the San Francisco Free Folk Festival in June, will share more when I know more.
April 1: Hotel Utah, San Francisco

April 6: El Rio, San Francisco

April 14: Caledonian Society Tartan Ball, San Ramon

June 9: San Francisco Free Folk Festival, San Francisco

‘Who Asked You Back’ has also gathered a review at a music blog called Divide and Conquer, lovely to read the kind words. Click here to read

Divide and Conquer review


February 2018

As of February 3rd, ‘Who Asked You Back’ has finally been released! The first release party/concert went smashingly Saturday, and with a mention in both the HMB Review and the SF Chronicle, there were nearly 100 people coming and going throughout the evening. We only had 50 chairs, so that was fun!

The album is now up on itunes et al, and you can buy a physical cd here.



Here’s a shot of the Chronicle article (read online here).


I was also chosen as Folk Alley’s January open mic artist of the month, read more here

Folk Alley feature

January 2018

‘Who Asked You Back’ is finally getting released! After an unexpected move and general holiday madness, I decided to put off the release until I had some time to breathe and perhaps a slightly better chance at brain function. I at least have time to breathe now so here we go!

It will be officially released (and on my website, itunes etc.) February 3rd, with release party/concerts Saturday, February 3rd on the coast (337 Mirada ART: 337 Mirada, Half Moon Bay) and the following Saturday, February 10th in the city (Sand Studios Shop: 449 Bryant st, San Francisco). Both with be from 6-10 with music from 7-9, and featuring some awesome musical guests as well as myself.

There’ll be wine and cheese, I’m making some t shirts that I’ll be screen printing on and it’s looking all very exciting! Tickets are by donation at the door, hope you can make it!


June 2017

I am wrapping up recording my first album, of original music. It’s wonderfully, weightily stressful. And expensive and terrifying and exciting. Assuming things go as they go, it should be done by the end of August.

I’ve finally put up the video for my song ‘Dirty Money’ which you can find on youtube.

Most Thursday evenings I play traditional Scottish and Irish music outside of New Leaf, Half Moon Bay. Busking status. The other day a lady gave me a bag of steamed broccoli while I was there. It was weird.