The Widow of Glasgow Green

The Widow of Glasgow Green

He was a big tall man
And a few feet wide
He had a big knife by his side

She was a pretty little thing
Wore a big gold ring
And she was walking by the river Clyde

Well he came her way in the fading day
He said your money or your life
But either one I’ll be having my fun with you
So don’t go make my use my knife

Well she was small, god knew
Only five foot two
But she stood and held her own

He just laughed in her face
And at her silk and her lace
Said ‘honey you’re all alone’

Then he grabbed her strong
And her grabbed her wrong
And he dragged her by the river’s edge

But she was light and fast
And she spend right past
And he went tumbling down the river ledge

She could see below that he was sinking slow
And his screams rang a horrible sound

So she stood her height
She brushed herself off right
And she strolled back into town

She strolled back into town

Well if you walk that path
By the Clyde and strath
And spy the finest girl you’ve ever seen

Well that’s the way he tried
And the way he died
And that’s the Widow of Glasgow Green

© 2018 EllaHarp / Ella Dawn Jenkins. All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission only.